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Basic Utility Vehicle

The mobility that we often take for granted in the United States can be a life-giving tool for people in developing nations. BUVs open up possibilities for faster water delivery to remote villages, for quickened access to medical care, and for the safe transport of people and goods through rugged terrain. There are over 90 BUVs serving in 19 countries across Africa and Central America.

Current News

Our first visiting elder was Frank Tembo from Kapiri Mposhi Church of Christ. Frank spent three weeks here in March. Most of that time, he and Lubinda Sikufle went from house to house witnessing. As a result, over 20 people accepted Christ. We praise God for this blessing. In addition to Frank we have a number of other elders and preachers who want to do the same type of evangelism here.

The Need

Zambian Situation: The overall situation here is very grave. 20% of Zambian adults are HIV positive. About 2% of the population above 15 dies each year from AIDS or HIV related diseases. For the case of young mothers it is more concentrated. This 20% is not equally distributed throughout the age groups. Among 15 year old girls about half of them will not see their 40th birthdays because of this disease.